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About Forestier…

Over time, Forestier has made a name for itself through its quest for perpetual originality and its mastery of the delicate balance between nature and design. The refinement of its clean lines, its bold choices of raw and authentic materials are optimized by the work of its artisans which has become its hallmark. 

Design by nature.

It all began with the passion of a man, Bernard Forestier. A big fan of French gardens, he was fascinated by the artistic Topiary sculptures which shaped them: the right proportions, the balance, the elegant alternating straight lines and curves. This creative spirit wished to shake the traditions of the world of lighting design, bringing the art of botany into the home. He wagered on woven wire, which would become one of the favorite subjects of the brand. He took a fancy to woven rusted metal, zinc or iron. He demonstrated poetry and humor to give life to objects.

Luxury naturally.

Following the departure of Bernard Forestier, the company changed course, ten years after its creation. At the request of Hélène Forestier, Gilles Dallière took charge of artistic direction and stressed his desire to make each piece “something unique”. This change marked a turning point for the company that focuses its creations on luxury and all things natural with great sobriety. Form become sophisticated by highlighting light and color, without losing the inimitable cachet of craftsmanship.

Since 2012
A new nature.

Hélène Forestier passed the baton to Jean Dominique Leze, to whom we already owed the “107 Rivoli” for the Decorative Arts and the company ENO (New Objects Edition) along with François Bernard.

With this appointment, Forestier reinvented itself and produced a creative and poetic brand, with design, nature and raw materials, in anchoring points. A brand that puts function and the consumer first, with a responsible approach, but always at affordable prices.

These products are made to order, the estimated delivery between 3 – 4 weeks on receipt of order (stocked items will be dispatched straight away).


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